Step into a Smarter Building Experience with Resco’s Integrated Solutions

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What we offer

Where innovation goes hand in hand with creativity.

Integrated Building Management

Streamline and optimize your building's operations with our integrated BMS solutions that control HVAC, lighting, and other critical systems for enhanced energy efficiency and operational effectiveness.

Smart Security Systems

Enhance the security of your premises with comprehensive solutions including CCTV systems, access controls, intrusion alarms, and advanced surveillance technology to safeguard your assets and people.

Fire Safety and Alarm Systems

Protect your facility with our state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems, ensuring rapid response capabilities and compliance with safety regulations.

Smart Home Automation

Bring convenience and modern luxury into your home with automation solutions that control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and more, all integrated into a user-friendly interface.

Healthcare Solutions

Improve efficiency and patient care in medical facilities with integrated systems for nurse calls, medical equipment management, and patient tracking.

Connectivity Solutions

Ensure reliable and high-speed network performance with our connectivity services, including fiber optic installations and structured cabling for robust infrastructure support.

Commercial and Retail Solutions

Upgrade commercial spaces with digital signage, POS systems, and automated entry solutions to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations.

Energy Management Solutions

Cut costs and reduce your environmental impact with our smart energy management systems, utilizing real-time analytics to optimize energy use and improve sustainability.

Educational and Institutional Systems

Support educational institutions with integrated communication systems, security enhancements, and customized controls designed to create safe and effective learning environments.

Why Choose us

Choose Resco – Where Innovation Meets Efficiency

At Resco Pvt Ltd, we’re not just about intelligent building systems; we’re about creating environments that push the boundaries of technology and design. With over 30 years of experience, we combine cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of client needs to deliver solutions that are both innovative and functional. Choose Resco and unlock the potential of your space with systems designed for maximum efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Innovative Solutions

Leading the way with breakthrough technologies in intelligent building systems, Resco provides solutions that enhance building management through automation, integration, and advanced analytics. Stay ahead of the curve with solutions that are smart today and ready for tomorrow.

Tailored Services

Every client is unique, and so are our solutions. At Resco, we customize our systems to fit your specific requirements, ensuring that our intelligent building solutions perfectly align with your operational goals and space dynamics.

Sustainable Practices

Commit to a greener future with Resco’s energy-efficient designs that not only reduce operational costs but also minimize your environmental impact. Our sustainable practices help you achieve your CSR objectives while maintaining industry-leading performance.

Unmatched Expertise

With three decades of industry leadership, our team of experts at Resco is unmatched in its ability to deliver comprehensive and reliable intelligent building solutions. From consultation through implementation and beyond, trust Resco to bring unparalleled expertise to your project.

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